February 6, 2024

The court has issued an order granting the government’s motion arguing that Plaintiffs in the Camp Lejeune Water Litigation are not entitled to trials by jury. We have heard the disappointment from many claimants injured by the water on Camp Lejeune and understand their frustration—they have waited decades for their day in court and, since passage of the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, have looked forward to trials by a jury of their peers.

The Plaintiffs’ Leadership Group believes that Congress intended to provide such trials and intends to appeal the decision of the Court. However, we cannot allow the government’s motion to delay progress. We will continue to push cases forward along all available avenues and to pursue trials as expeditiously as possible.

-Plaintiffs Leadership Group

Previous Announcements

On September 27, 2023, the Camp Lejeune Plaintiffs’ Leadership Counsel issued a Statement on the Court’s Case Management Order No. 2:

The Court’s Case Management Order lays out a forceful roadmap toward resolution for those who were injured by the water on Camp Lejeune and who have long waited to vindicate their rights. Plaintiffs’ Leadership proposed a litigation plan designed to advance these cases as fast as reasonably possible, and we are grateful that the Court has trusted us with the responsibility to execute it. We are eager to help deliver justice to all harmed while serving our country on Camp Lejeune.

View a pdf version of the Statement.